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When I found out I was picked to photograph Rogue and Nakoa I was beyond excited; it’s not everyday I get to work with twins. Although twins typically come with some challenges, whats that saying…double trouble, I enjoy taking them on. It reminds me a lot of when I was first starting out as a newborn photographer and the learning and growing that came along with photographing newborns. Over the years, I have developed a routine and at times photographing singletons can feel like a breeze so I love the challenge that come with twins. Luckily for me Rogue and Nakoa were amazing and a pleasure throughout their session so in the end we got all the pictures I was eager to capture. I hope mama enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Big Brother | Little Sister

When the twins came in I was envisioning two babies similar in size, like two peas in a pod. I certainly wasn’t expecting a whopping two pound difference. As much as people think twins typically come out similar in size in most cases they actually do not. This is usually caused by slower oxygen from mother to baby via placenta which can lead to slower fetal growth. In this case Nakoa aka Big Brother was the twin that received faster oxygen flow causing Rogue aka Little Sister to main her title as sweet little sister. I am excited to watch these two grow and see if there will always be a significance in size.

This year was the first time I got the chance to shoot at Star Hill Ranch and it defiantly won’t be my last. Located off Hamilton Pool Road, this outdoor venue is perfect for weddings, reunions, family pictures and more. Started in 2002, the heart of the ranch is centered around the Pontotoc Chapel which is host to hundreds of events each year. Along with the sweet chapel, dozens of old building are relocated to make a makeshift town. I especially love Star Hill Ranch because how different the venue is. Traditionally I shoot at the typical field or metro area in and around Austin so this gives me a much needed change of scenery.


Fall Family Mini’s


October begins the start of fall family pictures. This past weekend alone I had 10 back to back family mini’s. I am thankful to say each weekend is booked with fall minis from this weekend until the end of Christmas. These 20 minute sessions are quick yet fun. Most of my clients are ones I have worked with year after year making it a joy to see the families grow and change from the previous years. I would recommend coordinating outfits, rustic colors are great this time of year. Colors include mustard yellow, burnt orange, deep purple and teal. I love when clients accent their jewel toned outfits with cool blues and greens – looks great. One resource I direct clients to is Pinterest. Just type in family pictures along with the color they want to wear and up pop many look boards. There’s still a few spots left! Follow the link to see whats left.




Six month sessions are one of my favorites to shoot. The babies are so full of personality and not quite on the move so we get some really great pictures. Harper came in the studio this week for her six month sitter session and was so full of smiles for her mom and dad. Her sweet laughter, big expressions, and newly learned sitting skill were so fun to capture. And she sure was proud to show them off!!  In this hour long session the parents get to chose from the many outfits provided in studio or bring there own which takes the stress off what baby should wear!

Babies First Year Package

Harpers parents picked out our “Babies First Year” package which includes a newborn shoot, six month sitter shoot and a twelve month shoot. I love when parents chose this package because it allows me to watch the baby grow and form a relationship with each of these families. It really is amazing for the parents to look back at these milestones and see the changes through the year. Seeing Harper go from a newborn to a 6 month old and soon a one year old has been so fun and I am honored her parents chose me to document theses very special moments for them.


Record Time

On Monday I got the privilege with working with less than 2 week old Liam. From the time the new family arrived to the time they left was a dream for any newborn photographer. I don’t think Liam opened his eyes once and he let me put in him many position changes along with a few outfit with no more than a squeak. From start to finish this shoot only took me 37 mins – record time! Rough edits were sent out a few hours later and the excited parents picked their favorites soon after. Within 24 hours their completed album was sent to them setting another person record of a less than 24 hour turn around time! The holidays are approaching which means the studio will buzzing so I am soaking in this turn around record time. I know soon enough it won’t be as quick!


Dads Can Get Excited, Too.

Most of the time the mom’s are the ones who reach out to me wanting their newborns photographed. It can be hard for the dads to justify the investment, although they always find the value once they get back the pictures. It was refreshing to see Liam’s dad get so excited and giddy watching his newborn son in all the sweet poses and outfits. This session is a reminder that although moms are typically the ones wanting their newborns photographed the dads can also get excited and 99.99% of the time they end up happy and thankful they preserved this special moment in time with professional photography.


The Motherlode

Veena booked her first maternity shoot for when she was already 36 weeks along. Generally my moms-to-be schedule a session earlier on in their pregnancy.My maternity shoots usually take place when my client is at 30-34 weeks so that mobility isn’t is as much of concern. Despite being so far along in her pregnancy, Veena was able to stand up and walk on her own. In my personal experience, moms usually need a hand from their husband or myself in order to feel stable. I was incredibly impressed with how well Veena carried herself without assistance! One of my favorite things about maternity sessions is seeing how differently moms handle pregnancy. They always make it look easy, no matter how far along they are. These photos clearly reflected how confident and excited Veena was about her beautiful bump.

A Little Peek Goes A Long Way

Veena’s excitement was easily recognized in her eagerness to pose and prop effortlessly. She took direction very well. She loved sneaking a peek after each shot. We had the pleasure of discussing marriage, family and pregnancy during her maternity session which made me much more aware of her culture. I really valued the conversation we shared and thoroughly enjoyed Veena and her husband’s friendly demeanor. Though I was hoping to photograph the precious newborn that these two created, I had the pleasure of booking some of the couple’s friends. My interaction with Veena and her family was so sweet and translated into a wonderful relationship that helped me understand the culture of her friends that also booked sessions. I am incredibly grateful for clients like Veena who share their experience with their loved ones.