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Little Raegen mom contacted me when she was 6 days old asking if I could get her in last minute. I always try to accommodate and squeeze little ones in because I know the window to capture newborn pictures is always very small. Mama wasn’t going to get any newborn photography done as she didn’t do any with big sis but grandma wanted some of her newest grandchild and sent mom out on a quest to find a newborn photographer. Thankfully they landed in my lap. Here is just a small glimpse into Reagan’s session…. AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen23AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen22AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen21AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen20AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen19AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen18AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen17AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen16AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen15AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen14AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen13AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen12AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen11AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen10AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen9AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen8AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen7AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen6AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen5AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen4AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen3AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen2AustinNewbornPhotographer~Raegen1

This is sweet Jennie. I know her mama on a personal level. Let me just tell you sweet Jennie is a dream come true for this mama. After many years of failed IVF treatments she was finally able to get pregnant with this little angel. It doesn’t matter wether a baby is naturally conceived, IVF, surrogacy, adoption… what matters is that these parents have love to give and want a family. This little peanut is really going to be loved on by mom, dad and older sis. My children are my greatest accomplishments and I wish anybody who wants the same should be able to make their dreams a reality.

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Two things I would like to mention about little Westin’s newborn session. First of all, it is not every day that I have the dad contact me looking for a newborn photographer. I could tell he was so excited about his son and that he was really looking forward to their newborn session. I love seeing when dads are just as excited as moms.

Second thing, I remember the amount of ideas these 2 had in mind. They came to me having done their research and knew exactly what they wanted. So what do you do when you have a certain style of photography and the parents ask you to incorporate their ideas. These are ideas/ props that aren’t necessarily things you do on a regular basis but they mean a lot to mom and dad. These are the people we as photographers are trying to please… you get creative. You take all mom and dad’s ideas and you put your artistic twist on it. I hear many photographers complain about the etsy ideas parents bring to them or they limit their clients on the amount of ideas/props they are allowed to bring to their session. This is always completely shocking to me as I don’t know who these photographers work for but I work for my clients. They are honoring me with the task of photographing their bundles of joy in their first few days of life. Why wouldn’t I incorporate all their ideas? Just take their ideas and make it your own. If you find the etsy image that inspired them cheesy (these are not my sentiments but I hear it a lot in my industry) don’t imitate it then. Put your own spin on it. That is what I did with this session and I am really pleased with the results. I know for a fact that mom and dad are too and they will cherish these images for many years to come.


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This guy was not little. Bodey was over 11 lbs by the time I did his session and he was a month old already. I felt bad for mom holding him in position for the parent shots. Her arms must have been hurting. Something about holding 11 lbs of newborn baby verses a 11 lbs weight makes a world of difference. Many newborn photographers will reject a newborn if it is outside of the recommended time frame for a newborn shoot (5- 14 days) but I went ahead and did it. I just set parents expectations about his mold-ability. But as you can see you can get many cute shots with an 11 lbs/1 month old baby. Plus his skin color had lost all that funky coloring that babies have in the beginning ( red/magenta/purple), which of course made it super easy to edit 🙂


Introducing this chunkster Bodey


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I am sorry it has been a while since I have blogged but I am going to focus on blogging every session from here on out after I catch up blogging a few from the past 2 months.

Sweet Brynlie is a sibling of her brother that I did a few years ago. I was still learning when I did her brother’s newborn pictures. Plus, I still traveled to clients homes. Now all Newborn sessions are done in my studio in SW Austin. I actually showed mom a side by side comparison of her brother Camden’s froggy pose and Brynlie’s froggy pose. This image is a composite of two images and it should never be done any other way for safety reasons but the difference in the quality of both just shows my growth. Camden was actually my very first attempt at the froggy pose. I would like to think I have come a long way in those years. Scroll to the very bottom of Brynlie’s blog post and you can see the side by side comparison.

Now back to sweet Brynlie. She was such a good baby for us and I loved taken her newborn pictures. Let me just say before you look at her images please look at those cute cheeks. Makes you just want to squish them. She also made my editing extremely easy as this girl had some perfect skin for being a newborn and just being 9 days old.

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